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NUBM44 7W 450nm Diode

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NUBM44 7W 450nm Diode

7W NUBM44-V2(NUBM44-81/NUBM47-A1) 450nm Laser Diode 

This is currently the most powerful known visible wavelength diode.
UPDATE 6W NUBM44-71/NUBM47T the original version of this diode has been out of production for a few years now. 
The new 7W NUBM44-V2 diodes are the 7W NUBM44-81/NUBM47-A1. The NUBM44 vs NUBM47 refer to the number of NUBM44-V2 diodes in the block. 
The NUBM44 diode blocks have 8 diodes vs the NUBM47 diode blocks which have 10 diodes.  Both blocks contain the same 7W NUBM44-V2 diodes.
There is some confusion that the power difference is 44 vs 47 but it is 6W NUBM44 out of the NUBM44-71/NUBM47T vs 7W NUBM44-V2 out of the NUBM44-81/NUBM47-A1.