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I have quite a few fans piling up so I am offering them for a steal. 

12-Pack & 24-Pack Available

Nidec U60T 60X60X25mm

Nidec UltraFlo U60T12MUA7-57 60 x 60 x 25mm 4600 RPM Tube Axial NBRX Bearing Cooling Fans with current limiting protection and PWM speed controls. These fans are rated for 50,000 hours. These fans are new pulls from a brand new never projectors. They have absolutely amazing ability to push air. If you have a project that requires some extreme cooling and low noise these are perfect.


DC axial flow fans U60T [U60T12MUA7-5*]

High-functionality fan UltraFlo series (60 x 60 x 25 mm)

A direct-current drive operated, high value-added fan motor that uses bearings and wing structures that we have developed independently. The NBRX type further improves the reliability of upon our former oil-impregnated sintered bearing, and is a totally new bearing system that we have developed independently. With a longer life than former oil-impregnated bearings, this can more securely retain rotating bodies, and features heat resistance, high-speed rotational stability, reduced magnetic vibration, and no limitations on mounting. 
  • Low noise
  • Low vibration
  • Energy saving
  • Long life
  • Environmental performance
  • Quietness
  • RoHs support

Product data

Basic information
Power type DC
Size 60 × 60 mm
L dimension 25 mm
Operation temperature -10 ~ 70 ℃
Lifespan 50000 hours
Expected service life with 90% remaining in service when continually operated in the free air state with an ambient temperature of 40℃
Reference value.
Weight 80 g
Bearing NBRX
Manufacturer name NIDEC CORPORATION
Rated voltage 12 V7 ~ 13.8 V
Operating current 0.16 A
Rated input 1.92 W
Rated speed 4600 min-1
Maximum air flow (m3/min) 0.65 m3/min
Maximum air flow (CFM) 22.8 CFM
Maximum static pressure (Pa) 61 Pa
Maximum static pressure (inchH2O) 0.24 inchH2O
Sound pressure [db (A)] 32.5 dB[A]