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12mm Copper Module for 5.6mm Laser Diodes

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Includes 1 complete Copper Module: 

• 1 Copper Module Head that seats a diode

• 1 Copper Module Back Half (Hollow)

• 1 Spring

• 1 Acrylic Lens w/ Focus Ring (If you order a DTR-Lens with your Copper Module, the acrylic lens will not be included, and your DTR-Lens will be assembled in the Copper Module.

About this item:

Precision machined with a +/-0.01mm tolerances using C1100 grade copper which is the highest grade of copper at 99.9% pure.

These modules were originally designed as a cooperative effort by a forum community to deal with tolerance issues of clones of the original Axiz designed 12mmX30mm plated brass modules being sold at the time.

These units had very poor tolerances with variations for the outer diameter as extreme as 11.80mm to 12.10mm. Most heastinks at the time were just made oversize to accommodate these variations.

With the availability of the new generation higher power laser diodes they were willfully inadequate to be able to manage the amounts of waste heat these diodes were generating.

If the module is too small there will be poor thermal contact which can cause the laser to overheat and die or run hot and degrade at an accelerated rate.
Thermal transfer is very important and having high quality copper and good tolerances is very important to the proper operation of high power laser diodes.