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25mm Copper Module for 9mm Laser Diodes

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Back Half

Includes 1 complete Copper Module: 

• 1 Copper Module Head that seats a diode

• 1 Copper Module Back Half (Hollow Aluminum)

• 1 Spring

• 1 Acrylic Lens w/ Focus Ring (If you order a DTR-Lens with your Copper Module, the acrylic lens will not be included, and your DTR-Lens will be assembled in the Copper Module.

About this item:

Picture shows four different modules in various configurations. One in a XYZ mount which you can purchase separately. They fit these modules perfectly and provide excellent heatsinking. Like this one.

Aluminum hollow back half has room for a floating driver connected to the diode pins.
Solid Copper back which makes contact with the base of the 9mm diodes or base of the for maximum heat dissipation on the new generation high power diodes.
Copper Driver Shelf back half has a machined out pocket to thermally mount a driver to and also makes contact with the base of 9mm diodes.