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NDG7575 (NDG700) 700mW/1W 520nm Diode

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NDG7575 (NDG700) 700mW/1W 520nm Diode.

These are NDG7575 diodes which I have sold for years as NDG700 due to no specs. There recently has been sellers offering them as 1W diodes with a datasheet that is not genuine. It could be that it is actually 1W diode but based on the community testing on the forum showing they are slightly less efficient than the NDG7475 which is 1W rated 700mW was assigned. These can do over 1W and the NDG7475 can do over 1.2W. Consider duty cyle and life requirement of the application for driving past spec current of 1.5A.

 They look just like the 1W version.